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Hello & Thanks for checking out WJOE! We're a rock station that actually plays more than the same 400 tracks over & over. In fact, we have over 50,000 tracks in rotation, all hand selected & curated from a lifetime of collecting that we believe could be the most expansive library of any rock station in the U.S.

Our primary mission is to be the BEST ROCK STATION you’ve ever heard. Playing your favorite tracks from your favorite bands, with a heavy lean on cuts that commercial radio has simply ignored forever…and…you’ll also hear great tracks that you’ve yet to discover. We call this format, Album Oriented Rock With NO LIMITS!

SO...If you love rock & roll, you’re open to both the classics and the absolute deepest cuts of all rock styles (meaning, Iron Maiden fading into Three Dog Night doesn’t freak you out), I think you will really enjoy WJOE and the refreshing variety a vast library of music can provide. Thanks for listening, the staff pours their heart & soul into making WJOE a very different alternative. We really hope you enjoy your time with us.


Eddie Steel - Program / Music Director

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