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with Kira & Eddie

Together over 25 Years

In 1996 Eddie was the morning drive guy at WKSW-FM (Dayton-Springfield). One morning

he glanced up and there was the new overnight chick, Kira Stone...and after a double take to make sure she wasn't a mirage, they became quick friends & after over 25 years of marriage they're still together. WJOE's premier showcase

is 'The Drive with Kira & Eddie' which airs every Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday morning from 9am-11:30am. As you can imagine they have plenty to discuss after so much time together

& still have a blast every time.

Kira Stone (Bio): WDTN-TV (Dayton),

WestStar News TV (Bishop, CA), WKSW-FM (Dayton-Springfield), WFND-TV (Findlay),

WJOE-DB (Findlay)

Eddie Steel (Bio): WLFC-FM (Findlay),

WMVR-FM (Sidney), WHMQ-FM (Findlay),

WRQN-FM (Toledo), WXKR-FM (Toledo),

WKSW-FM (Dayton-Springfield),

WJOE-DB (Findlay)

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